Dog Poo Example: Black Dog on the NZ Beach

Dog Poo Example: Black Dog on the NZ Beach

An early morning stroll on the beach...fresh air, my face stroked by a gentle breeze, the feel of sand - at least I hope it's sand - between my

Life couldn't be better until....the culprit is spotted going about his dirty business.

Swiftly I swing into action, waving my arms and shouting obscenities at the top of my voice to see the mucky bugger off but it's too late, the dump is

On closer examination I determine this to be quite a soft turd, hence the ease and speed with which it was deposited, leaving the offending mutt
plenty of time to make good his escape.

Cautious olefactory examination leads me to suspect the animal had recently been in receipt of a treat such as chocolate.

Tim - New Zealand

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