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First, Doctor Poo applause to all responsible dog owners!

Doctor Poo applauds all dog owners who carry plastic bags to clean up after their dog has answered the call of nature. Doctor Poo also applauds dog owners who carry a little portable potty or quick pop up tent to secure the comfort and discreet action of their dogs when said call of nature comes knocking.

However, unlike the Spiegeltent that travels the world, it is not always possible to carry portable toilet facilities for your dog. Sometimes a plastic bag is all that will do, and that's OK. That warm fullness of aroma when I pass a dog owner carrying a bag of fresh dog poo almost brings a tear to my eye. I also catch a whiff of memories from the past like that time at the beach when I was five and found myself alone with something interesting on the sand. 

Sometimes I pat these dog owners on the back and say thank you, thank you from my eyes and thank you from my shoes. I applaud these dog owners, I might not shake their hand but I applaud them and their bags of warm poo. God bless you. 

Why establish Doctor Poo website and share it with you?

Our preliminary investigations have made a startling discovery. There is no limit to the type and variety of dog poo available on our streets. Sure, there are general classes of dog poo like dropus largus and grassus hidus, freshus chocolatus or blackus plasticus. Once in a lifetime you might even see a memorable poo like the famous 'El grande log' 1922 or 'The Log' 1965.

Best regards

Doctor Poo.

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