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Doctor Poo would like to thank any dog owner who does not clean up after their dogs and leaves behind Publicus Dogus Depositus. Without their help this website would not be possible. Almost 10 years after this site was first created - we can still see the classic signs of lazy non dog poo pick uppers.

The classic lazy non poo collecting dog owner syndrome most commonly seen:

  1. The dog is walking off a leash way behind the owner, the dog squats and does a poo. The owner knows this but uses the "oh, I didn't see that" response and leaves their dogs filth for children and other people to stand in. To these owners Dr Poo says "watch your step, watch your letter box, watch your front driveway, watch your shoes left unattended on the front porch, watch your bike carrier parked outside the local shops, watch your back pocket as you talk to other dog owners while your dog is pooing and someone - with the ease of a pick pocket - bumps into you, apologies and walks off. Then you sit down at home and SQUASH, nice squashy poo on your white dining chairs at home. You've been 'RETRO POOED' How to avoid these scenarios? PICK UP YOUR DOG POO!

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