Dog Poo Example: Largedumpus Pileus

Dog Poo Example: Largedumpus Pileus

There are almost nine equal segments within this example of Largedumpus Pileus. Each approx. 4.5cm-6cm with a singular ball segment looking somewhat like a truffle at the centre left.

The elasticity of this poo was not sufficient to create a truly great log. Those of you familiar with the history of publicus depositus will recall 'El Grande Mucho' 1969 and 'The Log' 1922 which go down in the annals as dog poos of distinction.

However this is a good exhibit. Pileus is generally created by the larger type dog and a good pile is created following macaroni, pizza or cake.

A good base to develop into Summerus Whiteus Powderous.

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