Dog Poo on the beautiful Gold Coast, QLD.

Dog Poo on the beautiful Gold Coast, QLD.

Hi and thanks for your site.

My name is Helen and I am owner operator of Belle's Pet Minding and Dog Walking Service. I am located at Runaway Bay on the beautiful Gold Coast Qld.

I have to say people who don't pick up their dog poo is one of my biggest hates. As you can imagine I get to see alot of poo's in my travels. After a day of walking and seeing poo everywhere I came home and wrote en email to my local council.(Gold Coast City Council) The reply that I receive made me as angry as the lazy pet owners.

The council asked me to provide the address of the offending owner. Oh that is could be that simple. They don't seem to realize that this is out of control and not a single incident. It is everywhere. I live in a unit so I don't have a front yard but it must drive residents crazy to come out each morning to a front yard full of dog poo. It also seems that the larger the dog the less likely the owner is to pick up what their dog does. It is a subject that drives me nuts. Its seems that nobody seems to care. What can we do to make people more responsible?

Maybe Clean up Australia could get on board and have a zero tolerace policy to dog poo? Or maybe the local councils could have a blitz and enforce the fines. On the Gold Coast the max. fine is $1500 if this was enforced it would soon get owners carrying plastic bags. I mean how hard is it?

Anyway thanks again for your site and thanks for giving me so where to vent my anger at dog poo.

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