Squashed Dog Poo: Too-late

Squashed Dog Poo: Too-late

My nephew and I were returning from our morning coffee walk when we almost stumbled upon this. It WAS huge, it WAS massive, it WAS like that great poo 'The Log' 1922. I thought I had found my holy grail but alas my camera was at home.

We hiked more than we strolled, collected the camera and were off. We parked, we saw, we opened the camera, we checked the settings... 'Watch out' we cried to the older man happily strolling along the footpath, 'Watch out for the p...' but it was too late. It was a direct hit and our example of publicus depositus to rival 'The Log' 1922 was now more Freshus Squashus. RIP.

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