Dog Poo Example: Blackus Hidus Ingrassus

Dog Poo Example: Blackus Hidus Ingrassus

Ahh, like delectable little sausages of goodness hiding in the grass. This little deposit truly comes into its own at dusk and into the evening. What individual could spot this little critter as you run for a bus or cross the road and think, I'll just cut across the nature strip!

Blackus Hidus Ingrassus (or in South America 'Ahh Coorumbaria') is a common find in the vicinity of smaller dogs. Dogs that are just big enough to be classed as dogs but small enough to be disregarded by the bigger, proper kind of dog that barks with a 'Woof' instead of a "warf".

Ingrassus is a particular problem in the field of dog poo. When searching for this little fellow my eyes almost missed a great example of largus dumpus right in front of me.

In summary, any variant of Ingrassus is a devious form of publicus depositus and should be carefully avoided. As always, give a big Aussie 'Thanks Mate' to any dog owner you see leaving this behind.

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