Dog Poo Specialist! - Australian Doctor Poo studies Dog Poo on the sidewalk. Is it really art? SEPT 2015

Doctor Poo would like to thank any dog owner who does not clean up after their dogs and leaves behind Publicus Dogus Depositus. Without their help this website would not be possible.

The hope of this website is to reduce the amount of Dog Poo on our streets and thereby put Doctor Poo out of a job. Possibly he will then re-train in something like welding, landscaping or book case building. 


Doctor Poo has featured on Australia's TV Show 'A Current Affair'. We helped explain the problems and our investigations of public dog poo. 

The dog poo links above are from our public dog poo gallery. We tried to place an artistic and scientific analysis to dog poo with titles like 'Lavender Surprise' and 'B is for Bob' (this is an actual B Poo and was not manipulated - or touched - by Doctor Poo!)

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